The best Lighting for Reading


Have you ever become "teary-eyed" or felt "fatigued" while readinga book? The cause of this may be from the "excessive brightness","flicker", or "shadow" of the light you are using. The lighting that is so useful in our daily lives can also be a burden to our eyes and this is why we have developed lighting that is gentle on the eyes for book lovers like you.

Flicker-free design.


Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs use an AC power source which constantly cycles between light and dark. This flicker can fatigue your eyes without your knowledge after extended exposure. To solve this problem, the EK210/220 Series uses a DC power source to eliminate flicker.

The light is not hot like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are often hot due to the presence of infrared light. However, the light from the EK210/220 Series does not get hot since it does not emit infrared light.

Achieves optimum brightness.

According to the JIS standard (JISZ9110), the optimum illumination intensity for reading in a den, child's room, or study is 500 to 1000 lux.
The EK210/220 Series has an illumination intensity of 610 lux at a distance of 25 cm directly beneath the fixture.